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Data Analytics for DoD Acquistion Managers

Data Analytics for DoD Acquistion Managers

David Pearson

DAU just released an update to its Data Analytics for DoD Acquistion Managers Credential.  The update brings the latest practices, policies and tools to the workforce.  It trains DoD acquisition professionals to manage data analytics projects.

 The credential combines commercial online training provided by Johns Hopkins University, University of Colorado at Boulder and IBM with DAU authored DoD specific training. The student will be taught the fundamentals of data science, data science methodologies, how to build a data analytics team and manage a data analytics project. A two-hour DAU course then puts this background into a DoD acquisition context. Emphasis is placed on developing and using data with integrity, transforming that data into easily understood information through data analytics and visualization and then using that information to make data-based acquisition decisions.

A link to the credential landing page and registration instructions is below:  

CENG 002A | www.dau.edu