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DAU Celebrates National Small Business Week

DAU Celebrates National Small Business Week

Mr. Ken Carkhuff
Did you know that National Small Business Week (NSBW) will be celebrated May 2-5, 2022? For over 50 years, the U.S. Small Business Administration has celebrated NSBW, recognizing the more than 32 million entrepreneurs and small business owners that contribute so much to the nation’s economy.

In celebration of National Small Business Week (NSBW), DAU will kick off its “Summer Small Business Pricing Series” on 4 May from 1:00-3:00 ET. In addition to 4 May webinar, DAU will offer an additional six webinars between June and August 2022. The series will cover several pricing, subcontracting, and auditing training topics germane to small businesses. For more information and to register visit the Event Page at https://www.dau.edu/event/Summer-Small-Business-Pricing-Series-DCAA-Overview-and-Accounting-System-Requirements

Here are some small business facts across the U.S.:
58.9 Million People Employed by Small Business
(Source: Census Bureau)

Small Businesses Represent 96% of Employer Firms in High-Patenting Manufacturing Industries
(Source: SBA Office of Advocacy)

24% of All Patents in the Top 100 Emerging Clusters Belong to Small Business Firms
(Source: SBA Office of Advocacy)

46.8% of Private Sector Firms Employ Less than 500 Workers
(Source: Census Bureau)

Here are some Small Business facts within DoD:
In FY2021, DoD obligated over $83B to small businesses for primes for goods and services. This is up from $54.3B in FY2014.
(Source: DoD Office of Small Business Programs)

DoD has met or exceeded its Small Business goal and earned a grade of “A” on its annual SBA Scorecard every year since FY2014.
(Source: DoD Office of Small Business Programs)

Over the past decade, 40% of small businesses have left the Defense Industrial Base.
(Source: DoD Office of Small Business Programs)

SECDEF Austin urged “all DoD personnel involved in the acquisition process to review planned acquisitions to identify opportunities for increased contracting with small businesses” in his memorandum of 27 Oct 2021. The memorandum can be reviewed at https://business.defense.gov/Portals/57/Documents/SD%20Memo%20on%20DOD%20Small%20Business%20Contracting%20(002).pdf?ver=dW3ErIwu2UFMiL2BiUOXYA%3d%3d
(Source: DoD Office of Small Business Programs)

For more information on NSBW 2022 and the SBA Virtual Summit visit the SBA Virtual Summit website at https://www.sba.gov/national-small-business-week