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Life Cycle Logistics

DAU Deploys New Supply Chain Integration Credential!

DAU Deploys New Supply Chain Integration Credential!

Bill Kobren
We are pleased to announce the deployment of our second multi-disciplinary, integrated product support (IPS) element-based, life cycle logistics credential entitled CLCL 003 Supply Chain Integration Credential. Leveraging a series of short duration, high impact online training modules, this new credential also represents the 13th in a growing portfolio of of new credentials from your DAU teammates

The new CLCL 003 credential is focused on DoD Supply Chain Integration to include all aspects of Supply Chain Management, Counterfeit Parts, Provisioning, IUID, and DLA Support to the Program Manager (PM). The structure shall include multiple scenarios based on DoD supply chain management processes. Each scenario may include reference to one or more courses and TLOs. After each individual scenario short knowledge check shall be included for validation of the expected behaviors. Once through the scenarios, an end of credential assessment, evaluating the integration of the competencies and processes, is presented.

With the deployment of CLCL 003, the rapidly expanding portfolio of new DAU credentials now includes: