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Contracting, Engineering and Technical Management, Life Cycle Logistics, Program Management

DAU Intellectual Property (IP) and Data Rights Resources

DAU Intellectual Property (IP) and Data Rights Resources

Ms. Vicki Allums, Learning Director, Intellectual Property & Data Rights
Acquiring and licensing the appropriate Intellectual Property (IP) is vital for ensuring the systems remain functional, sustainable, upgradable and affordable; a point reinforced at Section 1.2 of DoD Instruction 5010.44 “Intellectual Property (IP) Licensing and Acquisition. DAU provides basic and advanced resources, including self-directed modules, in-person and virtual workshops and webinars, videos and other tools to help the DoD acquisition workforce gain an understanding of IP and Data Rights and related issues. Here’s a description of the resource and a link to help you navigate it. For additional information or questions, email DAU’s IP team at [email protected].
Online Videos
  • Intellectual Property and Data Rights Overview

An 8 minute introductory overview of IP and Data Rights:

  • Intellectual Property and Data Rights Overview

Another 13 minute overview with more detail

  • Sub topics relating to Intellectual Property and Data Right

Topics range from Open Source Software, Specially negotiated licenses, to Assertion tables. Visit it to explore more topics.

DAU plans to release two additional videos in the fall of 2022 addressing Negotiating IP and Data Rights, and Small Business Innovation Research Program (SBIR) Data Rights. Suggestions as to other topics are always welcomed.

IP Community of Practice

DAU has a comprehensive community of practice website, which serves as a platform to connect stakeholders from across multiple career fields and provides information, news and events on IP, Data Rights, and related topics. The site includes all of DAU’s online modules, videos and other resources, and IP policies issued by the OSD IP Cadre Office.

Workshops (virtual or in person)

  • WSM 22 (Intellectual Property/Data Rights (IPDR) Workshop for FAR-Based Contracts)


  • WSM 024 (Developing an Intellectual Property Strategy)


DAU offers two mission assistance workshops (WSM 22 and WSM 24) conducted in-person or virtually. WSM 22 introduces the acquisition workforce to the fundamental aspects of intellectual property and data rights inherent in US Government contracts.. The workshop also introduces students to the need for developing an IP strategy and includes an in-depth examination into the pre-and post-award strategy and management. WSM 24 provides a more in-depth discussion of developing an IP strategy; explores the tools and techniques to develop a strategy culminating with an exercise in which attendees develop an IP strategy.
NOTE: The concepts explored in the workshops can also be used in the OTA environment.


Continuous Learning Modules
DAU’s current online suite of foundational courses on Intellectual Property and Data Rights address such topics as intellectual property and data rights, data management, data markings and data protection and storage; among other topics. These modules are self-directed and completed by DoD and contractor personnel on their own schedule. DAU is revising and updating the modules to reflect recent legislation and policies in IP and Data Rights, with deployment during the summer of 2023.
CLE 068 “Intellectual Property and Data Rights”
Covers the spectrum of IP, data rights, data management, and deliverables.
LOG 2150 Technical Data Management
Provides on-the-job methods, tools and processes to manage the technical data from the development of a weapon system to sustainment.

IP Credentials

DAU has also deployed two credentials that will assist the acquisition workforce acquire detailed knowledge and skills in IP and Data Rights. In addition, DAU offers targeted and online workshops on IP Valuation, IP and non-FAR based contractual mechanisms (e.g. Other Transaction Authority) and emerging technologies (e.g. additive manufacturing).

  • CACQ 008 - Foundational Intellectual Property Credential

CACQ 008 Foundational Intellectual Property (IP) Credential (dau.edu)

The Foundational Intellectual Property (IP) Credential is a cross-functional, general purpose credential providing the DoD acquisition workforce with the knowledge of basic IP and Data rights concepts and skills necessary to effectively acquire, license, and manage IP, as prescribed in the core principles described in DoD Instruction 5010.44, IP Acquisition and Licensing. The Technical Data Management Credential brings together seven on-line training (OLT) courses and supporting resources to offer a comprehensive overview of technical data management activities within the Department of Defense. This integrated product support (IPS) element-based credential affords learners an overarching understanding of responsibilities and requirements for planning, managing, and executing technical data requirements across a system's life cycle. It also provides learners with comprehensive perspective and applied concepts of how Technical Data Management is applied in developing and sustaining effective and affordable product support strategies.


  • IP Strategy Job Aid


  • CLM 002 - Intellectual Property (IP) Valuation


This module addresses the basic concepts of IP valuation and provides the acquisition workforce with tools to address issues critical to successful acquisitions, including when IP valuations should occur during the Acquisition Life Cycle, common methodologies for valuing IP, and the importance of IP valuation and licensing rights in developing an IP Strategy.

DAEOWs focus on high-level Acquisition, Technology and Logistics topical interest areas in a “quick learn”, tailorable, one-on-one session. IP and Data Rights is an available topic.



DAU’s webinar on additive manufacturing discusses the key pitfalls and best practices when considering IP and Data Rights issues in the use and acquisition of products made using additive manufacturing technology. The Other Transaction Authority workshop addresses the nuances of acquiring rights to technologies created under Other Transaction Agreements (OTAs), which can raise issues because the traditional data rights clauses don't apply to these non-FAR based contracts. LOG 2150 is an online training course that provides on-the-job methods, tools and processes to manage the technical data from the development of a weapon system to sustainment. Using hands-on simulations, videos, and lessons learned, the course provides skills to enable you to perform the work tasks/duties for proper technical data management across the Adaptive Acquisition Framework pathways.