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DAU Provision and Clause Matrix Tool

DAU Provision and Clause Matrix Tool

DAU Provision and Clause Matrix Tool
Mark Jenkins
The DAU Provision and Clause Matrix has proven to be one of the most prolific tools in DAU's toolbox. As of May 2022, it has almost 100K views and the associated "how to" video has been watched nearly 12K times. Government contracting professionals (as well as those from Industry) regularly send emails of appreciation for the way in which DAU maintains and updates this valuable job support aid. The tool has directly assisted thousands of individual contracting actions each year.

Why should you use the DAU Provision & Clause Matrix?
The matrix allows users to filter over 1,600 provisions and clauses in the FAR, DFARS, and various Agency supplements to significantly reduce the number of provisions and clauses that must be reviewed when deciding which to include in a particular solicitation/contract. DAU's learning asset manager for the tool (Mark Jenkins) reviews the Federal Register and other sources almost daily to determine if any updates are needed. The matrix is re-published twice monthly with the changes. The tool was originally created and maintained by former DAU professor Don Mansfield; we thank him for the tool's success. The tool can be accessed at this link. Questions and comments on the Provision and Clause Matrix can be sent to [email protected].