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  3. DAU Webinars For The Week of February 21-24, 2023
Life Cycle Logistics

DAU Webinars for the Week of February 21-24, 2023

DAU Webinars for the Week of February 21-24, 2023

DAU Webinars for the Week of February 21-24, 2023
Bill Kobren

For your professional development and learning pleasure, a quick DAU LOG Blog post to let life cycle logistics functional community know that your DAU colleagues are offering six live webinars this holiday-shortened week, including:

In addition, we continue to offer a variety Event Series webinars of particular interest to the logistics, product support, and sustainment community in 2023! These timely, live, no-cost, short-duration, high-impact professional development opportunities include:

Among the upcoming webinars of particular interest in the coming weeks are the first of ten offerings of new Product Support Delta Course - Lesson 1: Intro and Overview of the Major Changes (Monday March 6, 2023), Logistics LIVE: Crosstalk on Sustainment Reviews (Monday March 20, 2023), and Human Systems Integration (HSI): New DoD Policy and Guidance (Wednesday March 22, 2023).

For a comprehensive listing of all upcoming no-cost DAU webinars, please visit the DAU Events calendar. For recordings of previously completed DAU webinars, you’re encouraged to also visit and bookmark the DAU Events page.