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DAU Wins Award as Best Corporate University in North America

DAU Wins Award as Best Corporate University in North America

Bill Kobren

Corporate University Best-in-Class (CUBIC) recently honored DAU with two separate and prestigious awards. DAU was recognized earlier this month as the Best Corporate University in North America, beating out other well-known public- and private-sector organizations for successfully showing continued excellence. This is the third time in recent years CUBIC has recognized DAU as the North American corporate university of the year. 


According to the CUBIC website, the “CUBIC™ Awards, were established to honor, recognize and promote learning organizations and corporate universities that set standards of excellence in a variety of categories relating to performance and results….Past winners include Fortune 500 companies, global organizations, non-profits and governmental training groups.”


Additionally, DAU President Jim Woolsey was recognized as Learning Leader of the Year runner-up. He was honored for strategic leadership that resulted in DAU's success in learning and development, innovative programs, alignment to business goals, and outstanding reputation/ credibility with students and stakeholders.


Kudos to the entire DAU team -- staff, faculty, university leadership, and of course, our students -- for the continued, sustained and ongoing efforts that led to this important recognition.