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Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Organizational Changes

Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Organizational Changes

Bill Kobren

The Defense Logistics Agency announced yesterday a new initiative they are calling  We Are DLA” “in an effort to create a single-agency environment among customers and its global workforce”


According to DLA Director Navy Vice Admiral Alan Thompson, “the agency has field sites in 48 states and 28 countries to help customers get the supplies they need, but their organizational names often reflect missions or locations without associating them to the larger DLA enterprise.” The intent of the “We Are DLA”  initiative is to facilitate “a single-agency environment that lets customers know exactly who DLA is and helps the agency build a greater sense of community among its global workforce.”


As part of the initiative, DLA launched a “We are DLA” website containing videos and a complete listing of the new organizational names at http://www.dla.mil/WeAreDLA.aspx, including new names of primary-level field activities such as:


·         Defense Supply Center Columbus – DLA Land & Maritime

·         Defense Supply Center Philadelphia – DLA Troop Support

·         Defense Supply Center Richmond – DLA Aviation

·         Defense Energy Support Center – DLA Energy

·         Defense Reutilization and Marketing Service – DLA Disposition Services

·         Defense Distribution Center – DLA Distribution