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DIU FY22 Annual Report and Year in Review

DIU FY22 Annual Report and Year in Review

DIU FY22 Annual Report and Year in Review
Bill Kobren
The Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) this week issued their highly anticipated “DIU’s FY22 Year in Review” containing key takeaways and highlights from their latest annual report.

According to the FY 2022 in Review, “DIU is the DoD’s primary conduit for identifying, prototyping and scaling cutting-edge, dual-use technology. By leveraging flexible acquisition tools and forging more pathways for the Services and Combatant Commands to buy technology at speed and scale, DIU is making it easier than ever for commercial vendors to do business with the DoD. Our Fiscal Year (FY) 2022 Annual Report highlights the many ways in which DIU has collaborated with commercial innovators to deliver critical capabilities to our service members.” Among the many other accomplishments, the report specifically highlights seventeen transitions achieved in FY22, saying “… DIU’s momentum in production contracts is accelerating, with ceiling totals and averages growing substantially year-over-year. DIU’s record-breaking 17 transitions in FY22 equate to $1.3B in contract award ceilings — more than double the eight transitions during FY 2021. With appropriate resourcing for DIU, we anticipate both total transitions and contract ceilings to grow, signaling increased adoption, revenue, and scale for vendors across the nation.”