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DoD IG Report on DLA Bulk Fuel Contracts

DoD IG Report on DLA Bulk Fuel Contracts

Bill Kobren

The DoD Inspector General (DoD IG) this week issued a new report of potential interest entitled “DoDIG-2021-129 Audit of Defense Logistics Agency Award and Management of Bulk Fuel Contracts in Areas of Contingency Operations”.

According to the DoD IG, “The objective of this audit was to determine whether Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Energy personnel awarded bulk fuel contracts and met bulk fuel requirements, in areas of contingency operations, as required by Federal and DoD guidance. In addition, we determined whether the DLA had processes in place to ensure contractors met contractual obligations and followed anticorruption practices.” The IG went on to recommend “...that the Commander of Defense Logistics Agency‑Energy direct contracting officers to consider a tradeoff source selection, and consider using past performance evaluation factors, in addition to other factors such as cost or price, for bulk fuel purchases in areas of overseas contingency operations.”