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Life Cycle Logistics

DoD Issues New Additive Manufacturing Instruction

DoD Issues New Additive Manufacturing Instruction

Bill Kobren
The Department of Defense has issued an important new “DoD Instruction 5000.93 Use of Additive Manufacturing in the DoD”. This new policy is, to put it into the vernacular, “a game-changer.” Encourage defense acquisition workforce members, including life cycle logicians and product support managers to take the time to read through this new DoD issuance, which “…establishes policy, assigns responsibilities, and details procedures regarding the implementation and use of additive manufacturing (AM) within the DoD.” Key information from Section 3 of the document includes details on the following key topic areas:
  • AM in Acquisition
  • Research and Engineering
  • AM Integration into the Supply Chain
  • Data Management
  • Data and Equipment Security
  • Specifications and Standards
  • Training and Education
  • Collaboration