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Life Cycle Logistics

Federal Acquisition Institute (FAI) SCRM Course

Federal Acquisition Institute (FAI) SCRM Course

Federal Acquisition Institute (FAI) SCRM Course
Bill Kobren
Encourage DoD life cycle logisticans and other defense acquisition workforce members to take a look at an article entitled “FAI Announces FAC-093, Introduction to Supply Chain Risk Management”, which advises federal government agency personnel outside of DoD that “…the Federal Acquisition Institute (FAI), in collaboration with GSA and interagency subject matter experts, have developed a new web-based training course, FAC-093 Introduction to Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) that addresses gaps identified in the rapidly evolving SCRM landscape. This one-hour, one-CLP online course is available at FAI CSOD. Upon course completion, the learners will be able to:
  • Summarize the fundamental principles of Supply Chain Risk Management
  • Describe requirements and best practices for recognizing/evaluating and sharing supply chain risk information
  • Describe requirements and considerations for safeguarding sensitive information
  • Summarize general prohibitions and exclusion orders
  • Describe additional requirements and considerations for higher risk procurements

The target audience is a full multi-disciplinary acquisition team. The learners can register through FAI CSOD.” Important note: The Federal Acquisition Institute’s FAC-093 will be redesignated as SCRM-101 in the near future. Be advised that FAI is also developing a series of related training courses for federal government workforce members in support of the Supply Chain Security Training Act of 2021.

For defense acquisition workforce members in particular, currently available (or planned) DAU learning assets on this critically important topic include:

  • CLE 074, Cybersecurity Throughout DoD Acquisition
  • CLE 080, SCRM for Info & Communication Technology
  • LOG 0320, Preventing Counterfeit Parts from Entering DoD Supply
  • LOG 0370, DoD Supply Chain Fundamentals
  • LOG 0620, Counterfeit Prevention Awareness
  • LOG 0650, Diminishing Manufacturing Sources & Material Shortages (DMSMS) Fundamentals
  • LOG 0440, Supply Chain Resiliency Fundamentals (in development)
  • ACQ 3200, Foreign Investment Risk and National Security Concerns (in development)
  • CLCL 017 Supply Chain Resiliency Credential (planned for FY23 development)