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Life Cycle Logistics

Forging a Stronger Supply Chain Webinar

Forging a Stronger Supply Chain Webinar

Forging a Stronger Supply Chain Webinar
Bill Kobren
Encourage defense acquisition workforce professionals to mark your calendars now for the upcoming October 4, 2022 webinar entitled “Competing to Win -Forging a Stronger Supply Chain“. This exciting live event is not to be missed. Additional details from the webinar registration page:
  • “Description: DoD's supply chains are vital to U.S. national security and defense strategy objectives. Our adversaries are mapping the supply chains of our weapon systems to degrade our warfighting capabilities and impair our ability to reconstitute them during a conflict. Like other key areas, U.S. Government and defense The U.S. must rapidly develop plans and methodologies to secure our supply chains from raw materials to finished products. What efforts are DoD, the Department of Defense, industry and academia undertaking to achieve this and how should we view those in the broader context of strategic competition with China and other adversaries? This panel will discuss how these efforts could shape future DoD Acquisition and sustainment in ways that we never thought about before.
  • Who should attend: USG and DoD program managers, Lifecycle Logistics workforce members, supply activities, sustainment organizations, and U.S. industry personnel who want to learn more about how the DoD Acquisition community is developing plans and methodologies to defend our supply chains for our warfighting capabilities.
  • Competing to Win Series: Attending these sessions will help you relate the work you do in defense acquisition to the Great Power Competition shaping our national security environment. Learn how to meet the challenge and help the US maintain its competitive advantage! Session format is curated conversation with thought leaders from across DoD, industry, academia, and the acquisition workforce. No slides, followed by live Q&A.”