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Life Cycle Logistics

Foundational Product Support Requirements Refresher

Foundational Product Support Requirements Refresher

Bill Kobren

Having periodically shared thoughts about overarching product support statutes and Life Cycle Management, permit me to take a moment today to provide a quick refresher on product support requirements contained in the regularly updated, yet remarkably consistent overarching DoD policy directive, namely DoD Directive 5000.01 The Defense Acquisition System.

While more detailed product support requirements are available in Appendix 3D of DoDI 5000.85 and elsewhere, I would contend the most critical top-level strategic imperatives are succinctly outlined in four relatively short, but critically important requirements (emphasis added) contained in the paragraph 1.2 of DoDD 5000.01 stating “the following overarching policies will govern the Defense Acquisition System (DAS):...

“k. Employ Performance Based-Acquisition Strategies. To maximize competition, innovation, and interoperability, acquisition managers will consider and employ performance-based strategies for acquiring and sustaining products and services. “Performance-based strategy” means a strategy that supports an acquisition approach structured around the results to be achieved as opposed to the manner by which the work is to be performed. This approach will be applied to all new procurements and upgrades, as well as reprocurements of systems, subsystems, and spares that are procured beyond the initial production contract award.

l. Plan for Product Support. Product support strategies (PSSs) will be informed by a business case analysis conducted pursuant to Section 2337 of Title 10, U.S.C. The PSS is designed to facilitate enduring and affordable sustainment consistent with warfighter requirements. Support metrics will be established, tracked, and adjusted where needed to ensure product support objectives are achieved and sustained over the system life cycle. PSSs include the best use of public and private sector capabilities through government and industry partnering initiatives, in accordance with statutory requirements.

m. Implement Effective Life-Cycle Management. The PM is accountable for achieving program life-cycle management objectives throughout the program life cycle. Planning for operations and support will begin at program inception, and supportability requirements will be balanced with other requirements that impact program cost, schedule, and performance. Performance based life-cycle product support implements life-cycle system management.

n. Implement Reliability and Maintainability by Design. DoD Components, MDAs, and acquisition leaders must implement fundamentals of design, manufacturing, and management that result in reliable and maintainable systems. These key fundamentals must be established early in the acquisition process and improved over the service life of the system.”

In summary: Design supportable systems. Develop supportable systems, Field supportable systems. Sustain supportable systems. Implement outcome-based product support strategies. Leverage public and private sector capabilities. Across the system life cycle. Deliver affordable readiness. For our warfighters. For our nation.