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Future of Defense Task Force Report

Future of Defense Task Force Report

Future of Defense Task Force Report
Bill Kobren
For those who may be interested, might want to take a look at a new bipartisan March 15, 2022 report entitled “Future of Defense Task Force: Report on Implementation” and the accompanying press release entitled “Moulton and Banks Release Future of Defense Task Force Implementation Report Tracking Progress Toward Modernizing U.S. National Security

According to the report, “…the Future Defense Task Force Report was published in September 2020 by a bipartisan group of members on the House Armed Services Committee. It provided a roadmap for the national security community for the coming decades and highlighted broad, sweeping defense modernization efforts required to address the complex challenges posed by China and Russia in a new era of great power competition. Within the report, the Task Force made 14 recommendations with 55 unique sub-recommendations to Congress, the executive branch, industry, and academia. It called upon the Department of Defense (DoD) to refocus its efforts on these critical modernization priorities and reminded Congress, the President, and the American people of the necessary steps for ensuring America's national security in the 21st century.”