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Program Management

FY2024 Space Force Budget Highlights

FY2024 Space Force Budget Highlights

FY2024 Space Force Budget Highlights
Steve Skotte
The FY 2024 Space Force budget is $30.0 billion, an increase of $3.9B over the FY23 enacted budget presenting major investments in fielding combat-ready forces for a growing and maturing Service. This funding is a critical step to combat emerging space threats and to meet our pacing challenge. The focus is on investments in long-range kill chains, resilient Missile Warning and Missile Tracking, Operational Test and Training Infrastructure, protecting and enhancing strategic systems, and bolstering foundational elements. The U.S. Space Force FY 2024 Operation and Maintenance (O&M) budget request of $4.9B, funds 83% of Weapon System Sustainment requirements. In addition, this request sustains day-today mission operations and supports headquarters and field centers for doctrine development, warfare, intelligence, and professional military education. The FY 2024 U.S. Space Force Research, Development, Test & Evaluation (RDT&E) budget of $19.2B invests to protect and defend global space architectures, protect and enable the Joint Force, build more resilient and integrated deterrence, and invest in Guardians. This request includes funding for Resilient Missile Warning/Missile Tracking capabilities, Space Technology Development and Prototyping, Ground/Space Domain Awareness, Next-Gen Overhead Persistent Infrared (OPIR) Ground/Polar, Evolved Strategic SATCOM (ESS), Protected Tactical SATCOM (PTS), and Tech Transition (Space). The U.S. Space Force Procurement budget of $4.7 billion funds acquisition of space vehicles and terminals, ground control systems, launch services, and related communications security and training products.