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Life Cycle Logistics

GAO Report on Developing Pipeline of Digital Staff

GAO Report on Developing Pipeline of Digital Staff

GAO Report on Developing Pipeline of Digital Staff
Bill Kobren

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) late last week issued a new report entitled “GAO-22-105388 Digital Services: Considerations for a Federal Academy to Develop a Pipeline of Digital Staff” of potential interest to all defense acquisition workforce members, including DoD Product Support Managers (PSM) and life cycle logisticians.

According to the GAO, “the federal government faces a severe shortage of digital expertise in fields such as artificial intelligence and cybersecurity. A recent report urged establishing a new service academy—similar to the military academies—to train future digital civil servants. We gathered technology leaders from government, academia, and nonprofits to discuss such an academy and related issues. Among their comments, an academy might best focus on master's degrees because agencies need staff with advanced skills; current federal digital staff compensation is not competitive; and many digital staff may not be willing to endure the lengthy federal hiring process.”