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Life Cycle Logistics

Hot Topics (Part 5): Software Life Cycle Management

Hot Topics (Part 5): Software Life Cycle Management

Hot Topics (Part 5): Software Life Cycle Management
Bill Kobren
Welcome to part five in our multi-part series of DAU LOG Blog posts highlighting a range of resources, references and related learning opportunities covering a range of critically important multi-disciplinary topics of interest to the defense acquisition workforce. So far, we have examined:

Today we will examine two topics, namely Software Life Cycle Management & Agile Software Development:


  • Agile Approach - End user(s) team with developers in order to make instant decisions on user functionality. High-level requirements are initially prioritized and developed quickly by small teams in order to get a working product quickly to the customer. Multiple, rapidly executed Increments are developed and capabilities are released to the customer as soon as possible. Prototypes may be used as a starting place and utilize a modular, open-systems approach. Agile methods are typically used for small, low risk projects. (Source: DAU Glossary of Acquisition Terms)

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