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IA&E Podcast 2: Product Upgrade Cooperation with Allies & Friends

IA&E Podcast 2: Product Upgrade Cooperation with Allies & Friends

Frank Kenlon (Prof of Int'l Acq, DAU/DSMC-Int'l)
We recently developed and posted our second podcast -- Product Upgrade Cooperation with Allies/Friends -- on the DAU.edu.media International Acquisition Management Channel. It explores the International Cooperative Program (ICP) and Foreign Military Sales (FMS) options available to DoD Program Managers and Integrated Product Teams for system-level product upgrade and sustainment cooperation with allied/friendly nations who own and operate U.S. defense systems and equipment. Professor Frank Kenlon analyzes three "real world" scenarios involving use of ICP and FMS product upgrade arrangements -- both multilaterally and bilaterally -- and offers insights and best practice suggestions for DoD and Security Cooperation workforce members' consideration.

We will continue to develop and publish additional IA&E podcasts in the future on topics of potential interest to DAU students, defense acquisition workforce members, and other acquisition generalists and international acquisition specialists in government and industry.

Please send suggestions on potential IA&E podcast topics to [email protected] to help us develop a IA&E podcast series that addresses your interests and needs.

Until next time, Prof K