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Life Cycle Logistics

Innovation to Sustain DoD Materiel Readiness

Innovation to Sustain DoD Materiel Readiness

Innovation to Sustain DoD Materiel Readiness
Bill Kobren
Last year the Department of Defense issued a new DoD Instruction 5000.92 Innovation and Technology to Sustain Materiel Readiness which established policy to develop, implement, and expand the application of innovative practices, processes, and technology for sustaining materiel readiness across the life-cycle of DoD systems and improving industrial base operations. It also assigned responsibilities for the development, implementation, and management of DoD sustainment innovation through the application of improved processes and technology and provided procedures for an integrated approach to sustainment innovation and technology development, adoption, and application to improve materiel readiness and reduce life-cycle cost.

Although not all inclusive, wanted to highlight several key initiatives that directly support these powerful innovation efforts, including: