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Financial Management

INTERIM REPORT - Commission on PPBE Reform

INTERIM REPORT - Commission on PPBE Reform

INTERIM REPORT - Commission on PPBE Reform
Sharon Jackson
The Commission on Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Execution (PPBE) has released its Interim Report that identifies key actions that can be implemented immediately to improve the PPBE process. It also identified additional potential recommendations that require additional feedback Congressional and DoD Stakeholder before issuing its final report.

In addition to the statutory requirements directed by congress, the commission explored 5 additional goals/areas designed to improve the PPBE process in DoD. They are as follows:
Goal 1 - PPBE- Related Relationships Between DoD and Congress
Goal 2 - Innovation and Adaptability
Goal 3 - Alignment of Budgets to Strategy
Goal 4 - PPBE Business Systems and Data Analytics
Goal 5 - Programming and Budgeting Workforce Capability

Some actions identified by the Commission that can be immediately implemented are as follows:
* Institutionalize a mid-year budget update briefing with key staff on the congressional defense committees related to both the DoD budget proposal and budget execution.
* Improve training for preparation of budget justification materials.
* Systematic review and consolidation of BLIs
* Continue consolidation of the OSD programming and budgeting systems.
* Continue the focus on improving recruiting and retention.

For additional recommendations and details, read the full report at the link below:

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