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Life Cycle Logistics

IPS Element-Based Life Cycle Logistics Competencies

IPS Element-Based Life Cycle Logistics Competencies

Bill Kobren
During our joint presentation at last week’s DAU Annual Acquisition Update with the Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (Product Support) Life Cycle Logistics Back-to-Basics (BtB) Transformation Team lead, I mentioned the DoD life cycle logistics competences. For those who were wondering how to access these powerful Integrated Product Support (IPS) Element-based life cycle logistics competencies, look no further than our DAU iCatalog. The LCL competencies are readily accessible and suitable for your perusal, download and even framing, should you desire to do so!

Two related DAU LOG Blog posts on this subject include a November 2020 post entitled “Updated Life Cycle Logistics Functional Area Competencies” and a June 2021 post entitled “Proficiency, Skills, Competence, and Excellence (Part 4).”