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Life Cycle Logistics

Key Resources for Key Interdisciplinary Topics

Key Resources for Key Interdisciplinary Topics

Bill Kobren

As members of the defense acqusition workforce members well aware, DAU maintains a wide-range of learning assets to support you in your professional development journey. For example, we now offer nearly 50 Defense Acqusition Credentials on a wide range of targeted, focused, acquisition and sustainment topics. We similarly offer a portfolio of nearly 500 curated ACQuipedia articles on...a range of targeted, focused, acquisition and sustainment topics. Not to mention thousands of training courses, videos, communities, periodicals, and job support tools. With so many to choose from, discoverability can sometimes be a challenge.

To make it easier to discover resources related to a specific acquisition or sustainment topic area, over the past 12-18 months, I’ve shared topic-specific information in a range of individual blog posts. As a public service, permit me to provide a consolidated list of some of these key topic areas, hyperlinked to recent DAU LOG Blog posts containing a handy consolidated listing of multi-disciplinary learning assets we offer on that particular topic. In a number of cases, we've also included key policy and guidance as an added bonus. Enjoy!