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Life Cycle Logistics

Leveraging New Technologies to Enhance Acquisition Workforce Training

Leveraging New Technologies to Enhance Acquisition Workforce Training

Bill Kobren

As many of you are already well aware, DAU is making a growing number of our web-based distance learning assets available via iTunes University (iTunesU), part of our effort to develop and deploy a growing mobile learning assets. DAU recently re-launched its iTunes University presence with a new look and new content. For video and audio content related to the Acquisition, Technology & Logistics (AT&L) workforce or to subscribe to content from conferences and symposiums held at our various campuses, check it out from your browser (iTunes required) or search "Defense Acquisition University" in iTunes or in  iTunesU. 


In addition, our technology team is proactively evaluating a wide-range of other potential future mobile capabilities and links to mobile offerings, and is seeking workforce feedback as to what capabilities, access, and future apps you might like to see developed or made accessible through mobile devices  such as smart phones, tablets, etc.


Encourage you to to please take a few moments to provide comments, ideas and suggestions directly to [email protected].