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Logistics Portfolio Revue Part 4: ACQuipedia!

As promised in the introductory blog post entitled “DAU Logistics Learning Asset Portfolio Revue!” several weeks back, today marks the fourth in our multi-part “LOG Portfolio Revue” as we introduce…

Logistics Portfolio Revue Part 4: ACQuipedia!


  1. Home
  2. Blogs
  3. Logistics Portfolio Revue Part 4: ACQuipedia!
Bill Kobren
As promised in the introductory blog post entitled “DAU Logistics Learning Asset Portfolio Revue!” several weeks back, today marks the fourth in our multi-part “LOG Portfolio Revue” as we introduce members of the defense acquisition workforce to the myriad of life cycle logistics and product support resources available from your colleagues here at the Defense Acquisition University. To recap our journey to date, so far we’ve examined:

Today, we’re going to take a closer look into an area we call “Workflow Learning” by deep dining into a powerful learning resource called ACQuipedia. As part of a portfolio of more than 400 interdisciplinary articles, from a life cycle logistics and product support perspective, we offer 150 timely, relevant, readily available, and interdisciplinary product support, life cycle logistics, sustainment, supply, and maintenance related articles, including:

  • Additive Manufacturing (AM)
  • Administrative Delay Time
  • Affordable System Operational Effectiveness (ASOE) Model
  • Audit Readiness for Product Support
  • Automatic Test System (ATS) & Automatic Test Equipment (ATE)
  • Best Value Product Support Arrangements
  • Cataloging
  • Centralized Asset Management (CAM)
  • Condition Based Maintenance Plus (CBM+)
  • Configuration Management
  • Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) and Lean Six Sigma (LSS)
  • Contractor Logistics Support (CLS)
  • Core Logistics Analysis
  • Corrective Maintenance Time
  • Corrosion Prevention and Control
  • Counterfeit Parts
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Defense Logistics Agency (DLA)
  • Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Prime Vendor Program
  • Defense Logistics Management Standards (DLMS)
  • Defense Property Accountability System (DPAS)
  • Depot Activation and Capability Establishment
  • Depot Level Maintenance
  • Depot Maintenance Inter-service Support Agreement (DMISA)
  • Depot Maintenance Statute - 10 USC 2460
  • Depot Maintenance Statute - 10 USC 2464
  • Depot Maintenance Statute - 10 USC 2466
  • Depot Maintenance Statute - 10 USC 2469
  • Depot Maintenance Statute - 10 USC 2474
  • Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages (DMSMS)
  • Disposal and Disposition of Military Systems
  • DoD Precious Metals Recovery Program
  • Engineering Change Proposals (ECP)
  • Engineering Technical Services (ETS), Field Service Representatives (FSR), and Logistics Assistance Representatives (LAR)
  • Facilities & Infrastructure for Information Technology (IT) Systems
  • Failure Modes & Effects Analysis (FMEA) and Failure Modes, Effects & Criticality Analysis (FMECA)
  • Failure Reporting, Analysis, and Corrective Action System (FRACAS)
  • Fault Tree Analysis (FTA)
  • Funding Product Support Strategies
  • Funding Product Support Strategies - Working Capital Funds (WCF)
  • Government-Industry Data Exchange Program (GIDEP)
  • Incentives - Motivating Achievement of Desired Product Support Outcomes
  • Independent Logistics Assessment (ILA)
  • Integrated Product Support (IPS) Element – IT Systems Continuous Support
  • Integrated Product Support (IPS) Element - Design Interface
  • Integrated Product Support (IPS) Element - Facilities & Infrastructure
  • Integrated Product Support (IPS) Element - Maintenance Planning and Management
  • Integrated Product Support (IPS) Element - Manpower & Personnel
  • Integrated Product Support (IPS) Element - Packaging, Handling, Storage, and Transportation
  • Integrated Product Support (IPS) Element - Product Support Management
  • Integrated Product Support (IPS) Element - Supply Support
  • Integrated Product Support (IPS) Element - Support Equipment
  • Integrated Product Support (IPS) Element - Sustaining Engineering
  • Integrated Product Support (IPS) Element - Technical Data
  • Integrated Product Support (IPS) Element - Training & Training Support
  • Integrated Product Support (IPS) Elements
  • Interface Management
  • Interim Contractor Support (ICS)
  • International Acquisition - Life Cycle Product Support
  • Inventory Management
  • Item Reduction Program
  • Item Unique Identification (IUID)
  • Lead-Free Electronics
  • Level of Repair Analysis (LORA)
  • Life Cycle Logistics Career Field
  • Life Cycle Sustainment Outcome Metrics
  • Life Cycle Sustainment Plan (LCSP)
  • Logistics Demonstrations (LOG Demo)
  • Logistics Footprint
  • Logistics Human Capital Strategy (HCS)
  • Logistics Modeling and Simulation (M&S)
  • Logistics Product Data
  • Logistics Response Time (LRT)
  • Maintainability Demonstration (M-Demo)
  • Maintenance Concept
  • Maintenance Levels
  • Maintenance Plan
  • Maintenance Task Analysis (MTA)
  • Major Automated Information System (MAIS) Programs - Sustainment
  • Manpower Planning
  • Materiel Availability
  • Materiel Fielding Plan (MFP)
  • Mean Downtime (MDT)
  • Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF)
  • Modification Management
  • Modular Open Systems Approach (MOSA)
  • National Guard and Reserve Equipment Appropriation (NGREA)
  • Navy Gate Review Process
  • O&S Cost Estimating for the PSM
  • Obsolescence Management
  • Operating and Support (O&S) Cost Key System Attribute (KSA)
  • Operational Energy
  • Parts Management
  • Performance Based Logistics (PBL) Contract Lengths
  • Performance Based Logistics (PBL) Contracting Strategies
  • Performance Based Logistics (PBL) Implementation
  • Performance Based Logistics (PBL) Management
  • Performance Based Logistics (PBL) Metrics - Overview
  • Performance Based Logistics (PBL) Metrics – Techniques & Tools for Optimizing Operating & Support (O&S) Cost & System Readiness
  • Performance Based Logistics (PBL) Metrics - Thresholds vs. Objectives
  • Performance Based Logistics (PBL) Overview
  • Post IOC Supportability
  • Post-Deployment Review
  • Post-Production Software Support (PPSS)
  • Primary Inventory Control Activity (PICA) and Secondary Inventory Control Activity (SICA)
  • Product Life-Cycle Management (PLM) Integrated Data/Decision Environment (IDE)
  • Product Quality Deficiency and Discrepancy Reporting
  • Product Support - Demonstrate Capability
  • Product Support Analysis (MIL-HDBK-502A)
  • Product Support and Logistics Contract Data Requirements List (CDRL) and Data Item Descriptions (DID)
  • Product Support Arrangements (PSA)
  • Product Support Business Case Analysis (BCA)
  • Product Support Business Model (PSBM)
  • Product Support Integrator (PSI) and Product Support Provider (PSP)
  • Product Support Manager (PSM)
  • Product Support Package
  • Product Support Statutes
  • Program of Record
  • Provisioning
  • Public-Private Partnerships (PPP)
  • Readiness-Based Sparing (RBS)
  • Reliability Centered Maintenance Analysis (RCMA)
  • Reliability Growth
  • Reliability Key System Attribute (KSA)
  • Repair Turnaround Time (RTAT)
  • Reset of Military Equipment
  • RFID - Radio Frequency Identification
  • RFID - Tagging Principles
  • Service Life Extension Program (SLEP) & Service Life Assessment Program (SLAP)
  • Shelf-life
  • Single Manager for Conventional Ammunition (SMCA)
  • Specifications and Standards
  • Stock and Part Numbers
  • Suitability
  • Supply Chain Management (SCM)
  • Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) - Overview
  • Supply Classes
  • Support Equipment Recommendation Data (SERD)
  • Supportability Design Objectives
  • Supportability Testing (Logistics Test & Evaluation)
  • Sustainability
  • Sustainment Key Performance Parameter (KPP)
  • Sustainment Maturity Levels (SML)
  • System Fielding and Site Activation
  • Technical Data Package (TDP)
  • Technical Manuals
  • Technology Refreshment
  • Total Package Fielding
  • U.S. Transportation Command (USTRANSCOM)
  • Value Engineering (VE) and Value Engineering Change Proposals (VECP)

Encourage you to check out our portfolio of product support-focused ACQuipedia articles and continue to explore these and other professional development opportunities available from your DAU life cycle logistics teammates.