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Life Cycle Logistics

Logistics Truths

Logistics Truths

Bill Kobren

Let me commend to you a series of articles by the Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics, Engineering, and Force Protection at Headquarters U.S. Air Force in the most recent three issues of the Air Force Logistics Officer Association’s Exceptional Release magazine. Respectively entitled Some Logistics Truths, More Logistics Truths, and More Logistics Truths they offer excellent insights for military logisticians to consider. While focused primarily on Air Force logistics, there are a number of foundational truths applicable to professional logisticians from across the Department of Defense. He articulates those “LOG Truths” as:


1.     Rear operations must be connected and respond to forward operations

2.     You don’t have to own it to use it/benefit from it

3.     A better trained Airman is a more capable Airman

4.     Accurate requirements = effective logistics

5.     Air Force Logistics cannot succeed without Joint Logistics

6.     All good logistics work is done in process


Thoughts? Agree?