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Life Cycle Logistics

May 2022 Continuous Learning Opportunities

For those who do not receive or may not be on distribution for the periodic Defense Acquisition Workforce Bulletin announcement e-mails, wanted to share the contents of a new announcement that went…

May 2022 Continuous Learning Opportunities

Bill Kobren
For those who do not receive or may not be on distribution for the periodic Defense Acquisition Workforce Bulletin announcement e-mails, wanted to share the contents of a new announcement that went out today entitled “CLP Opportunities in May” that included:

May events and webinars provide a variety of ways for the Defense Acquisition Workforce to develop new skills and earn CLPs. You can find the full list of events below and on our events homepage.
Featured Credential

Product Support Management Fundamentals Credential (30 CLPs)
This interdisciplinary credential brings together seven online training courses and supporting resources to offer a comprehensive overview of DoD integrated product support management, life-cycle logistics, and life-cycle management. The credential provides learners with an overarching understanding of Product Support Management Integrated Product Support elements, including the Product Support Manager’s responsibilities for planning, developing, and implementing life cycle product support strategies.

May CLP Opportunities

May 3, 10, 17, 24, 31
COR Office Hours (1 CLP per session)
Join your fellow CORs, program managers, contract specialists, contracting officers and other members of the Defense Acquisition Workforce to share ideas, resources and information in this community.
May 3: https://go.usa.gov/xuBRu
May 10: https://go.usa.gov/xuBQ9
May 17: https://go.usa.gov/xuBQn
May 24: https://go.usa.gov/xuBQA
May 31: https://go.usa.gov/xuBQe

May 3
Competing to Win – Managing for the Long Game (1 CLP)
Hear multiple perspectives on what it means, from an acquisition management perspective, to play a long game with strategic adversaries and how the Department of Defense can plan for the future, adapt to change, and position ourselves to deal effectively with whatever challenges come up.

May 4
Leading Acquisition Series: Leading Organizational Culture Change – Being Part of the Solution (1.5 CLP)
Attend this webcast to explore the role you can play in changing an organization's culture and recognize you can be a positive role model and cultural carrier for the new "ways of doing things around here."

May 4
Let’s Talk Agile Webinar: Embracing Software Transformation with Digital Engineering and DevSecOps – How to Move at the Pace of Relevance (1 CLP)
Mr. Nicolas Chaillan discusses how the Department of Defense implemented DevSecOps using open source stacks to enable the continuous delivery of weapon capabilities in production, multiple times a day.

May 4
Summer Small Business Pricing Series – Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) Overview and Accounting System Requirements (1 CLP)
This event kicks off the Summer Small Business Pricing series. Mr. Joe Greger provides an introduction and overview of DCAA and Accounting Systems Requirements.

May 5
Defense Contract Management Agency Commercial Industry Group (DCMA CIG) Virtual Office Hours (1 CLP)
Join this dialogue and promote transparency, dialogue and discussion about commercial acquisition and reasonable pricing to improve the overall commercial acquisition environment. DAU and the DCMA CIG have partnered to host this series of virtual Office Hours intended to continue the open dialogue and information exchange between the DoD and Industry.

May 5
CON Certification Courses and Exam Webinar Series – (Part 3) (1.5 CLP)
This is the third part of the ongoing series about the new contracting certification course and exam. Join this series to learn more about the changes in contracting.

May 10
Naval Supply Systems Command Weapon Systems Support (NAVSUP WSS) Secrets to Success: Strategic Supplier Management (1.5 CLP)
Mr. Brian Keeley, Director, Strategic Supplier Management, NAVSUP, discusses a collaborative technique focused on long-term relationships with suppliers. This is the next in a series of webinars.

May 18
Summer Small Business Pricing Series – Proposal Adequacy (2 CLPs)
Learn how proposal adequacy is determined through discussions on the Federal Acquisition Regulations and Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement.

Additional Highlights

Register Now for our Flagship Event of the Summer
Join us virtually June 8, as 12 dynamic speakers challenge us to Reimagine Readiness during a live broadcast. Register now and make sure to keep your eyes on the event's homepage for information, speaker announcements and other events DAU will host during the day. We look forward to seeing you there.

Direct Registration: ACQ 1700V Agile for DoD Acquisition Team Members (14 CLPs)
ACQ1700V is the first DAU course that allows direct registration by members of the workforce. This cross-functional, general purpose course explores the tenets and principles of agile that will provide knowledge and skills necessary to perform on an Agile DoD Program. The course instills a common understanding of all functional roles and dependencies in developing and producing capabilities using agile processes and best practices and explores what it takes to perform a successful agile transformation across an organization.

Open Enrollment Workshops
Our Open Enrollment Workshops provide all the benefits of a full-scale workshop, but without requiring your entire team to join. These workshops allow individuals to participate with attendees from other program offices, creating a mixed cohort of acquisition professionals from various functional areas. This is a fantastic way to get the same great information from a DAU workshop while learning and networking with peers. View the list of open workshops available in May.

Our workshops are in high demand, so register early! If the workshop you want to take is full, check out the future dates on CSOD or the iCatalog. https://go.usa.gov/xuBQJ