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Life Cycle Logistics

Mean Downtime Metric

Mean Downtime Metric

Bill Kobren
With the 2018 issuance of new Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System (JCIDS) policy and guidance, the requirements for the Sustainment Key Performance Parameter (KPP) and supporting metrics evolved. Detailed information and an excellent explanation are available in the Sustainment KPP Guide outlined in Annex D to Appendix G to Enclosure B of the JCIDS Manual.

Had a question recently regarding supporting metrics in general, and the Mean Downtime metric in particular. For additional information on supporting metrics, plenty of resources available, including:

So what about the Mean Downtime metric? Because it is not called out in the JCIDS Manual as part of the Sustainment KPP, how is it defined, where exactly is it specified as a requirement, and why? The answer to all three questions is found in DoDI 5000.02 Enclosure 6, Para 4.c. which reads: “Mean Downtime. The average total downtime required to restore an asset to its operational capability, measures the effectiveness of the supply chain and support infrastructure (e.g., customer wait time, logistics response time, retrograde time). It is an important element in assessing a system’s affordability across its life cycle and identifies constraints and opportunities of a system's product support strategy and product support arrangements.” Powerful metric intended to support and reinforce desired for supply chain effectiveness and efficiency outcomes.