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NAVSEA eLearning Training Course Opportunities

NAVSEA eLearning Training Course Opportunities

NAVSEA eLearning Training Course Opportunities
Bill Kobren

For those who may not be aware, our Department of the Navy colleagues offer a number of learning opportunities on the Navy’s eLearning platform. As a public service, allow me to share a few in today’s LOG Blog post. CAC login is required for access. Once logged into the site, using the Course Catalog tab, users can search either course number or title. To access NAVSEA-specific learning assets, simply select NAVSEA from the drop-down prefix menu, and filter to view a number of training courses of potential interest, including, but not limited to:

  • NAVSEA-PSM-S-SERIES-1.0 An Introduction to the S-Series Integrated Product Support (IPS) Specifications for the Product Support Manager (PSM)
  • NAVSEA-S1000D-1.0 S1000D - An International Specification for Technical Documentation from a NAVSEA Perspective
  • NAVSEA-S2000M-1.0 S2000M: An International Specification for Material Management from a NAVSEA Perspective
  • NAVSEA-S3000L-1.0 S3000L: An International procedure specification for Logistic Support Analysis (LSA) from a NAVSEA Perspective
  • MIL-STD-31000B-1.0 MIL-STD-31000B Technical Data Package (TDP) Overview for Product Support Managers
  • NAVSEA-658530-4.0 Counterfeit Materiel Prevention Policy Implementation
  • NAVSEA-MBPS-CSA-101-1 Configuration Status Accounting
  • NAVSEA-MBPS-DATA-101-1 Introduction to Model Based Product Support Data
  • NAVSEA-MBPS-FOUNDATIONAL-101-1 Model Based Product Support (MBPS) Foundational Training
  • NAVSEA-MBPS-TECHMANUALMGMT-101-1 Technical Manual Management
  • NAVSEA-NPTBC-1.0 Navy Provisioning Training Basics Course