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Negotiation Training for the Acquisition Workforce

Negotiation Training for the Acquisition Workforce

Four persons talking around a table
Ray Ward

It is said that you don’t get what you deserve; you get what you negotiate. With that in mind, registration for the new course “Negotiation Training for the Acquisition Workforce” (CON 7900) is now open! You will learn to use interest-based negotiation (IBN) techniques during this live, in-person, two-day classroom course. IBN focuses on finding creative, integrative solutions that satisfy each party's interests and needs, resulting in the best possible negotiated outcome. IBN techniques help you reach mutually beneficial agreements with contractors, internal departments, colleagues, and other stakeholders. As a bonus, the techniques you learn can even help you to successfully negotiate issues in your personal life. This interactive course involves demonstrating IBN techniques with professionally produced videos, practicing IBN techniques using dynamic hands-on negotiation exercises, and sharing observations within small groups. You will apply collaborative, problem-solving techniques to realistic acquisition challenges. This first offering will be held at DAU’s Fort Belvoir campus in northern Virginia on June 24-25. As this is the course “pilot” offering, your feedback will help to shape the course for the future while you earn valuable continuous learning points!

You can register for CON 7900 through June 14 at this link.