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Life Cycle Logistics

New ACQuipedia Articles Keep On Coming!

New ACQuipedia Articles Keep On Coming!

Bill Kobren

As I've previously shared, over the last two months DAU has deployed six new product support-focused ACQuipedia articles. They include technically-focused, interdisciplinary life cycle logistics articles focused on:


·         Affordable System Operational Effectiveness (ASOE) Model

·         Suitability

·         Logistics Product Data

·         Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM)

·         Funding Product Support Strategies – Working Capital Funds (WCF)

·         Technical Data Package (TDP)


Wanted to let you know that DAU today launched two more life cycle logistics ACQuipedia articles, this time on the topics of Provisioning and System Fielding and Site Activation.


This brings the total number of life-cycle logistics and product support-focused articles to 109, with two more on funding product support strategies currently in development. The launch of these new logistics topics moves the total number of available ACQuipedia articles to 372 acquisition, business, contracting, engineering & technology, life cycle logistics, program management and requirements management articles.


Same ground rules apply if you want to be part of this endeavor to promulgate key information to our workforce through this venue:


·         If you have suggestions for content updates, corrections, or additions to existing articles, please let us know anytime by simply clicking the red “Feedback” tab at the top of any ACQuipedia page


·         If you have thoughts, ideas, requests, or suggestions for a new life cycle logistics-focused ACQuipedia article topics, let us know either via a comment to this blog, or again, using the red “Feedback” tab at the top of any ACQuipedia page.