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New "Additive Manufacturing Forward" Initiative

New "Additive Manufacturing Forward" Initiative

Bill Kobren

For those who may not have already seen it, encourage you to take a look at this week’s White House announcement entitled “Using Additive Manufacturing to Improve Supply Chain Resilience and Bolster Small and Mid-Size Firm”.

According to the announcement, “Additive Manufacturing Forward (AM Forward) is a voluntary compact among large manufacturers to help their smaller U.S.-based suppliers increase their use of additive manufacturing, otherwise known as 3D printing…. AM Forward represents a useful new model of (supply chain) resilience because it promotes both OEM/supplier collaboration and additive manufacturing techniques that dramatically cut lead time. By coordinating within and across supply chains, this partnership will also increase the effectiveness of government programs that aim to promote investment in these cutting-edge technologies.” For additional information on the AM Forward initiative itself, in addition to the announcement above, several related resources include:

For additional information on additive manufacturing within the Department of Defense, encourage you to visit our DAU Additive Manufacturing Community of Practice (AM CoP), as well as key DoD resources including DoD Instruction 5000.93 Use of Additive Manufacturing in the DoD and the DoD Additive Manufacturing Strategy.

As a reminder, DoD Instruction 5000.93 defines additive manufacturing as “a process of joining materials to make parts from three-dimensional model data, usually layer by layer, also known as three-dimensional printing.” Also, as a reminder, your colleagues here at DAU offer a range of learning assets and related resources on this important topic, including: