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Life Cycle Logistics

New Data-Driven Product Support Strategy Videos

New Data-Driven Product Support Strategy Videos

New Data-Driven Product Support Strategy Videos
Shawn Harrison

As a follow-up to the widely-attended October 20, 2022 web event “Life Cycle Sustainment Plan: Updated Outline and Development of Data-Driven Product Support Strategies,” your DAU teammates have created two short micro-video excerpts featuring the Future Long-Range Assault Aircraft (FLRAA) Product Support Manager (PSM), Mr. Scott Harris, and the Army Combat Capabilities Development Command (DEVCOM) Aviation & Missile Center LogLab Team Lead, Mr. Tony Donatelli, describing their innovative approach to product support.

In the first video (13 minutes) , Mr. Harris describes a data-centric focus to shape product support and fulfill PSM responsibilities identified in Title 10 USC 4324 and DoD Instruction 5000.91, including the use of modeling and simulation tools to conduct product support analysis and tradeoffs. Mr. Donatelli then describes DEVCOM’s LogSIM discrete event simulation tool and its capabilities to assist PSMs in optimizing their product support strategies.

In the second video (2 minutes), Mr. Donatelli describes use of the LogSIM capability to specifically help determine depot maintenance requirements, including considerations such as data rights, depot activation, and mixes of public and private product support providers.

For further information on this approach, please consult Mr. Harris’s presentation at the September 2022 DoD Product Support Manager’s (PSM) Workshop. For additional information on DoD PSM roles, responsibilities and authorities, please also visit our DAU PSM Reference Repository.