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Life Cycle Logistics

New DAU Configuration Management Training Course

New DAU Configuration Management Training Course

Bill Kobren
We are pleased to announce the deployment of our newest interdisciplinary DAU life cycle logistics online training course entitled LOG 2040 Configuration Management online training course,

This newly updated, cross-disciplinary online training course replaces the now-retired LOG 204, and is designed to teach defense acquisition professionals about the interrelationship of configuration management to life cycle activities as well as configuration management concepts and basic practices such as configuration identification, configuration status accounting, configuration verification and audit, configuration change management, data management, and configuration planning and management. The course provides an overview of capabilities to design, develop, implement, oversee, and operate a configuration management program across the system life cycle. Professionals will gain knowledge of the application and impacts on configuration management by current and emerging issues such as total life cycle systems management, product data management, item unique identification, evolutionary acquisition, performance-based logistics, condition-based maintenance, and diminishing manufacturing sources and material shortages. The target audience for this new training course includes life cycle logisticians, engineers, configuration managers, program managers, and others involved in the development of systems and life-cycle support.

Encourage life cycle logisticians, product support managers, systems engineers, and other defense acquisition workforce professionals to consider taking advantage of this exciting new interdisciplinary, no tuition cost professional development opportunity!