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Life Cycle Logistics

New DAU LOG 2000 Product Support Strategy Training!

New DAU LOG 2000 Product Support Strategy Training!

New DAU LOG 2000 Product Support Strategy Training!
Bill Kobren

Your DAU life cycle logistics teammates are pleased to announce the deployment of our new LOG 2000 Product Support Strategy Development, Part A! The new LOG 2000 online training course replaces the now-retired LOG 200, and now serves as a primary training requirement for Life Cycle Logistics Foundational Tier DAWIA certification.

This Online Training (OLT) course is the first part in a two-course series designed for foundational life-cycle logisticians. It provides a dynamic, real-time learning environment oriented toward developing the managerial and technical logistics competencies of the life-cycle logistician. Special emphasis is placed on the roles and responsibilities of the life-cycle logistician in the areas of Integrated Product Support Element activities, outputs and integration; translating warfighter requirements to Product Support Strategies; and optimizing and managing risk within the Product Support Strategy. The course requires participants to review current policy and guidance and demonstrate an understanding of how early integration of operational supportability into the system development process leads to achievement of DoD’s strategic logistics goals. The target audience is Life-cycle logisticians seeking DAWIA Foundational tier certification as well as members of other acquisition functional areas looking to develop their understanding of acquisition planning considerations for designing, manufacturing, fielding and supporting DoD weapons systems.

The new LOG 2000 focuses on enhancing the virtual learning experience, encompassing the latest changes in defense acquisition and life cycle product support processes and policies, as well as providing enhanced visuals both still and video to facilitate student learning. The revised course incorporates live action videos of Life Cycle Logistics team members as well as a fictional character named LLOIS ("LLOIS is a Life Cycle Logistics Operation and Integration System, an artificial intelligence with an encyclopedic knowledge of logistics. Policies, regulations, historical data, and electronic communications—those are LLOIS’s purview. LLOIS is friendly and curious, and communicates in a helpful and advisory fashion. She leaves any decision-making to logistics team members, Samantha and Chris").

As a reminder, the new LOG 2000 online training course serves as a prerequisite for our LOG 2010 or LOG 2010V Product Support Strategy Development, Part B instructor led training (ILT) and virtual instructor-led training (VILT) courses. For students who previously completed the old LOG 200, that now-retired course will continue to be accepted as a predecessor course for DAWIA certification purposes through September 2025.