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Life Cycle Logistics

New DAU Operational Contract Support Training

New DAU Operational Contract Support Training

Bill Kobren

Quick follow-up to an early-December DAU LOG Blog post entitled “New JKO Operational Contract Support Training”. In addition to the four-course Joint Knowledge Online (JKO) training, DAU also offers a series of training courses and other resources on this topic. In total, they include:

When completed in late-2023, the four-course JKO suite will include:

  • OCS I – Leveraging Commercial Capabilities Across the Competition Continuum
  • OCS II – OCS Fundamentals course
  • OCS III – Planning and Coordinating Responsibilities for Staffs
  • OCS IV – Planning and Executing Responsibilities for OCS Practitioners

Additionally, our DAU contracting colleagues also offer a wide range of learning assets on the subject of contingency contracting, including:

Any updated version of CON 0830 Private Security Contractors (PSC) online training course is now available. Additional details are also available in a DAU CON Blog post entitled “CON 0830 Private Security Contractors Course is Deployed!!!!”.