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Life Cycle Logistics

New DAU "Product Support Delta Course" Webinar Series!

New DAU "Product Support Delta Course" Webinar Series!

Bill Kobren
As 2022 draws to a close, wanted to let the life cycle logistics, product support, and sustainment community know about an exciting new learning asset that your DAU logistics colleagues are preparing to unveil in 2023. Entitled “Product Support Delta Course v2023”, this ten-part series of planned webinars is intended to provide life cycle logisticians (LCL) who previously earned Level III or Advanced Tier DAWIA certification with timely insights into what’s changed, along with updated information on policies and processes that have evolved since originally earning LCL DAWIA certification. The series will also examine differences between product support requirements outlined in earlier policies and the new DoDI 5000.91 Product Support Management for the Adaptive Acquisition Framework.

Delivered in webinar format, the target audience for this fast-paced, monthly series is senior life cycle logistics and product support personnel who have previously completed LOG 350 or LOG 3500 and have earned their Level III or Advance Tier certification in life cycle logistics. While recommended, completion of these courses/certification is not a formal prerequisite and not a requirement to attend.

Defense acquisition workforce members are welcome to attend just one, several, or all ten sessions (nine 90-minute lessons plus a tenth 60-minute office hour summary session). Each session will include 15 minutes of silent work followed by a facilitator who will poll and help summarize the key points. Additionally, each session will include a speaker on applying the topic with an open Q&A period for attendees. The first nine sessions will be worth 1.5 CLPs. A final open office hour event, worth 1 CLP, will cap the 2023 version of the new “Product Support Delta Course”. The full series schedule includes:
  • Event 1. PS Delta Course - Lesson 1: Intro and Overview of the Major Changes (Monday, 6 March 2023 – 1400 - 1530) - Join in for an overview of the big product support differences between the old DoDI 5000.02 and the new version, Operations of Adaptive Acquisition Framework (AAF). Also find out about the key changes to product support guidebooks, tools, and support for you on the job.
  • Event 2. PS Delta Course - Lesson 2: Demystifying the Version 3 LCSP (Monday, 3 April 2023 – 1400 - 1530) - Are you dazed or confused by the new LCSP Version 3 Outline? Tune in to demystify the changes in the format, focus, and requirements. Then ask your questions to a panel of experts.
  • Event 3. PS Delta Course - Lesson 3: Going Digital (Monday, 1 May 2023 – 1400 - 1530) - What is the current state of Digital Product Support? How do I support the 12 IPS elements in this new world, and what is the Authoritative Source of Truth? Find out these answers, as well as examples of what programs are doing to “go digital” by IPS element.
  • Event 4. PS Delta Course - Lesson 4: Middle Tier of Acquisition (MTA) (Monday, 5 June 2023 – 1400 - 1530) - MTA is NOT a four-letter word! Since the FY16 NDAA, Section 804, was released there has been much consternation about the topic of Middle Tier of Acquisition for Rapid Prototyping and Fielding. Fortunately, we have come a long way in the past few years. Be a part of the discussion as we address the guidance and tools available to you along this pathway. Then hear from our panel of practitioners who have walked this pathway and have some lessons-learned to pass along.
  • Event 5. PS Delta Course - Lesson 5: MCA and UCA (Monday, 10 July 2023 – 1400 - 1530) - Nothing new to see here? Well, in this case, that is not entirely true. While these two pathways preceded the current DoDI 5000.02 Operation of the Adaptive Acquisition Framework, plenty has changed regarding execution and Product Support philosophy. Join us as we discuss not only those changes, but also the challenges associated with these pathways.
  • Event 6. PS Delta Course - Lesson 6: Services Acquisition; interfacing with the PSS Model (Monday 7 Aug 2023 – 1400 - 1530) - When one reads “maintenance, overhaul, repair, servicing, rehabilitation, salvage, modernization, or modification of supplies, systems, or equipment,” Product Support quickly comes to mind. But believe it or not, this is quoted from the Services Acquisition Mall. Join us for this session where we will discuss how Service Acquisition Product Support fits among the other five pathways.
  • Event 7. PS Delta Course - Lesson 7: Software Support (Monday 11 Sep 2023 – 1400 - 1530) - Agile; DevSecOPs; Software Support. These terms strike fear in many product support professionals. Well, fear no more. During this session we are going to bring in a practitioner and expert to discuss these topics. This is one you will not want to miss.
  • Event 8. PS Delta Course – Lesson 8: Defense Business Systems (Monday, 2 Oct 2023 – 1400 - 1530) - Who has experience supporting a Defense Business System (DBS)? Not many hands are normally raised when that question is asked. Often, we struggle to define what a DBS even is. Join us today as we not only define a DBS, but also discuss how to support this unique-type program.
  • Event 9. PS Delta Course – Lesson 9: Initiating or Injecting Cybersecurity Into Your Support Strategy (Monday, 6 Nov 2023 – 1400 - 1530) - When looking at the Adaptive Acquisition Framework graphic, did you ever notice the yellow box in front of all six pathways? While the six pathways are different in their own rights, they all have one thing in common: the requirement to include cybersecurity in development, production, sustainment, and disposal. This discussion revolves around the “what ifs” and the “how tos” of cybersecurity.
  • Event 10. PS Delta Course – Lesson 10” What's still hurting your head? (Monday, 4 Dec 2023 – 1400 - 1500) - Over the past 10 months, did we miss anything? Did we leave any stone unturned or question unanswered? Join us as we discuss any outlying topics and be a part of teeing up potential discussion points for the 2024 Product Support Delta Course.

Encourage you to peruse the above schedule and register for any or all sessions that interest you. Would ask that you also please share this information with your life cycle logistics, product support, and sustainment colleagues to learn about the rapidly evolving, rapidly changing world of DoD life cycle logsitics!