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  3. New DAU Training On Impacts of Lead-Free Electronics
Life Cycle Logistics

New DAU Training on Impacts of Lead-Free Electronics

New DAU Training on Impacts of Lead-Free Electronics

New DAU Training on Impacts of Lead-Free Electronics
Bill Kobren

We’re pleased to announce the deployment of our newest online training (OLT) course, LOG 0070 Lead-Free Electronics Impact on DoD Programs

This new OLT course, which replaces the old, now-retired CLL 007 training course, provides an overview of the impact of lead-free mandates and their effects on electronic components within the Department of Defense. This course addresses major lead-free directives, risks and mitigation strategies, program considerations, and implications associated with lead-free initiatives and components, and DoD's response to the various mandates and policy directives. The target audience for this new OLT is defense acquisition workforce personnel, including but not limited to government and industry program managers, life cycle logisticians, systems engineers, production, quality and manufacturing managers, as well as item and component managers, and bench-level technicians or designers.

The new LOG 007 also represents the thirtieth of our revised, re-designated, and/or new product support-focused life cycle logistics OLT courses to have deployed since FY20, with others to follow in the near future. This growing portfolio of asynchronous learning assets now includes:

Additional details on our new training course numbering taxonomy are available in an earlier DAU LOG Blog post entitled “Update on New DAU Logistics Course Numbering Taxonomy”.