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New Defense Acquisition Policymaking Report of Interest

New Defense Acquisition Policymaking Report of Interest

New Defense Acquisition Policymaking Report of Interest
Bill Kobren
If you have a few minutes, encourage you to take a look at a new research report from the RAND Corporation entitled "Building a Broader Evidence Base for Defense Acquisition Policymaking".

Three key findings identified by the RAND researchers were:
  • “Standard approaches to data-driven acquisition policy research might not be sufficient when seeking to anticipate new, substantial policy changes.
  • Gaming, a tool used in other areas of defense policy analysis, has promise to help inform acquisition policy creation and implementation.
  • A prototype gaming effort conducted by RAND researchers was able to anticipate potential implementation problems for Middle-Tier Acquisition policy, illustrating the potential utility of gaming as an approach to inform acquisition policymaking.”

They also offered three recommendations:

  • “Look to expand beyond traditional evidence-based approaches to acquisition policy. Fund pilot efforts using new tools, in order to better understand their utility in evaluating the health of the DAS.
  • Instrument the adaptive acquisition system to enable continuous, incremental improvements to acquisition policy.
  • Experiment with developing and using policy games to rapidly prototype more-revolutionary changes to acquisition policies for which an empirical approach might not apply.”