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Program Management

New Digital Engineering Instruction: DoDI 5000.97

New Digital Engineering Instruction: DoDI 5000.97

David Pearson

On December 21st, DoD released DoDI 5000.97-Digital Engineering, canceling its 2007 Modeling and Simulation Management Directive.   The new directive calls for the use of digital engineering methodologies, technologies and practices across the life cycle of defense acquisition programs.  Further, the document:

  •  Mandates the incorporation of digital engineering for all new programs (exceptions can be granted by decision authority)
  •  Directs Components to use digital engineering practices in requirements, cost, business and sustainment.
  • Calls for the replacement of documents with the use of digital models as the primary means of communicating system information. 
  •  During program planning and contracting, requires that appropriate data rights be obtained.
  • Singles out DAU as providing workforce training on digital engineering.

A link to the new directive is below:


A summary of DAU training on digital engineering is contained in the link below: