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Life Cycle Logistics

New DMEA SEGIT Facility ACQuipedia Article

New DMEA SEGIT Facility ACQuipedia Article

New DMEA SEGIT Facility ACQuipedia Article
Bill Kobren
Following deployment of a new “Product Support Cybersecurity Considerations” article earlier this week, we are pleased to let the life cycle logistics and product support community know that your DAU colleagues, working in collaboration with the Defense MicroElectronics Activity (DMEA), have deployed yet another new interdisciplinary ACQuipedia article entitled “Defense MicroElectronics Activity (DMEA) Science and Engineering Gamma Irradiation Test (SEGIT) Facility”.

This brings the total number of life-cycle logistics ACQuipedia articles to 168, representing more than one-third of the 481 articles currently available to the defense acquisition workforce in the DAU ACQuipedia article portfolio. This new article also represents the fourth in a series of recently deployed ACQuipedia articles on the topic of microelectronics, a topic area which now includes: