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Life Cycle Logistics

New Foundational EVM Credential Now Available

New Foundational EVM Credential Now Available

Bill Kobren
Your DAU colleagues are pleased to announce the deployment by our Acquisition/Program Management colleagues of the newest multi-disciplinary defense acquisition credential entitled ”CACQ 005 Foundational Earned Value Management Credential”.

The Foundational EVM Credential is designed for "non-EVM" acquisition professionals at large using plain English to provide the top-level benefit of and insight into the application of EVM as an integrated program management tool. The Credential is comprised of four sets of micro-videos covering the topics of understanding EVM basics, placing EVM on contract, conducting an IBR, and reading a program schedule. The target audience for this important new defense acquisition credential is any DoD or industry acquisition professional working in any functional area with interest in learning the basics of EVM.

The deployment of this new CACQ 005 credential also brings to 38 the total number of multi-disciplinary defense acquisition credentials now available from DAU, which now include:
  • Acquisition Management (8)
    • CACQ 001 Services Acquisition for non-Acquisition Professional Team Members
    • CACQ 002 Services Acquisition for Acquisition Professional Team Members
    • CACQ 004 Introduction to Risk, Issue, and Opportunity Management Credential
    • CACQ 005 Foundational Earned Value Management Credential- New!
    • CACQ 006 Acquisition Law & Policy
    • CACQ 007 Category Management Credential
    • CACQ 008 Foundational Intellectual Property (IP) Credential
    • CACQ 013 Functional Services Manager Credential
  • Acquisition Leadership Development (1)
    • CALD 001 Resilience Credential
  • Contracting (10)
    • CCON 002 Business Foundations Credential
    • CCON 007 Defective Pricing Credential
    • CCON 011 Construction Contracting Credential
    • CCON 012 Architect-Engineering Contracting Credential
    • CCON 014A Foundational Contingency Contracting
    • CCON 015 Advanced Contingency Contracting
    • CCON 016 Excel Skills for Data Analytics and Visualization Credential
    • CCON 018 Excel Skills for Business Credential
    • CCON 020 Contracting for Systems Acquisition Credential.
    • CCON 021 Contracting for Research & Development Credential
  • Cybersecurity (2)
    • CCYB 001 Program Protection Credential
    • CCYB 002 Cybersecurity for Program Managers Credential
  • Engineering (3)
    • CENG 001 Digital Engineering for DoD Consumers
    • CENG 002 Data Analytics for DoD Acquisition Managers Credential
    • CENG 004 Agile DoD Team Member
  • Industrial Contract Property Management (1)
    • CIND 001 Industrial Contract Property Management Credential
  • Life Cycle Logistics (12)
    • CLCL 001 Product Support Management Fundamentals Credential
    • CLCL 002 Integrated Product Support Credential
    • CLCL 003 Supply Chain Integration Credential
    • CLCL 004 Maintenance Planning & Management Credential
    • CLCL 005 Supportability & Design Interface Credential
    • CLCL 006 Designing Supportable Systems Credential
    • CLCL 007 Product Support Analysis Credential
    • CLCL 009 Information Technology Life Cycle Support Credential
    • CLCL 010 Technical Data Management Credential
    • CLCL 011 Product Support Affordability & Cost Fundamentals Credential
    • CLCL 012 Product Support O&S Cost Management Credential
    • CLCL 014 Parts & Material Life Cycle Management Credential
  • Small Business (1)
    • CSBP 001 Small Business Professional Credential

For additional information, encourage you to visit our Defense Acquisition Credentials Program homepage, as well as the DAU iCatalog Credentials listing and the excellent new DAWIA Certification & Development Guides for each defense acquisition workforce functional area.