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New GAO Report on Defense Transportation

New GAO Report on Defense Transportation

New GAO Report on Defense Transportation
Bill Kobren

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) recently issued a new report of interest to the DoD product support, logistics and sustainment communities entitled “GAO-21-125 Defense Transportation: DOD Can Better Leverage Existing Contested Mobility Studies and Improve Training”.

According to the GAO, “…in a potential conflict, a hostile country could prevent the military from rapidly moving equipment and personnel from the U.S. What is DOD doing to mitigate the challenges of this "contested mobility"?

  • DOD's contested mobility studies have led to 60 recommendations. Officials believe that some have been implemented, but DOD isn't tracking these recommendations.
  • DOD has updated some training to help address contested mobility, but it hasn't yet updated the sealift training. Major operations rely on sealift ships for most of their cargo.

The GAO went on to make three recommendations” related to “…designating an oversight entity to track recommendations and updating the sealift training.”