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Life Cycle Logistics

New GAO Report on Demil and Disposition

New GAO Report on Demil and Disposition

New GAO Report on Demil and Disposition
Bill Kobren
The Government Accountability Office (GAO) issued a new report of interest late last week to DoD life cycle logisticians and product support managers entitled “GAO-22-105251 DOD Can Better Manage Demilitarization Coding and Disposition Decisions.”

According to the GAO, “every year DOD disposes of "major end items" such as Humvees. Some may be sold or given to other agencies after being demilitarized. Items are assigned a demilitarization code that determines the required action—the degree of disassembly, for example. Code application was mostly consistent in the 437 categories we examined. However, in 13 cases the same items were assigned different codes and there was no process for reconciling differences. Also, officials from 3 military services told us most of the Humvees they turned in were destroyed, because the officials lacked guidance on other options. Our recommendations address these issues.”