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Life Cycle Logistics

New GAO Report on DoD Software Acquisition

New GAO Report on DoD Software Acquisition

New GAO Report on DoD Software Acquisition
Bill Kobren
The Government Accountability Office (GAO) has issued a new report of interest to members of the life cycle logistics functional area entitled “GAO-23-105611 Software Acquisition: Additional Actions Needed to Help DOD Implement Future Modernization Efforts”.

According to the GAO, “to respond to evolving threats, DOD has to develop and deliver software-based weapon and IT systems quickly. DOD has started modernizing its software technologies, policies, and workforce to achieve this. A few years ago, DOD's advisory committees on science and innovation recommended ways to improve its software development and acquisitions. DOD has at least partially implemented all of those recommendations. For example, DOD improved training, but hasn't fully established a workforce of software developers and acquisition professionals—a key piece of its modernization strategy. Our recommendations are to help DOD meet its modernization goals.”

The report also points out challenges that the DOD faces in adopting modern software lifecycle management approaches, including developing a workforce “… to ensure it has the needed skillsets to implement reforms. Taking such steps would better position DOD to implement its planned reforms, which are aimed at helping achieve its goal of more rapidly delivering software to its use.” One action that we as defense acquisition workforce members can individually undertake is to increase our familiarity with modern software practices. Understanding what Agile, DevSecOps, and Software Factories are, and how we can leverage them more effectively to support sustainment and programmatic success, is critical to increasing our military capabilities. While there are several efforts underway to continue modernizing our multi-disciplinary training in these areas, learning assets such as LOG 0270, ACQ 1700V, ISA 1010, and credential CLCL 009 are available today and can help us collectively increase our abilities and knowledge base in these areas. For additional information, including available learning assets on this topic, see a separate blog post on Software Life Cycle Management.

Special thank you to Dr Jason Hamilton for his invaluable contributions to this blog post and related DAU learning assets.