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New GAO Report on Inventory Systems Cyber Risks

New GAO Report on Inventory Systems Cyber Risks

New GAO Report on Inventory Systems Cyber Risks
Bill Kobren
The Government Accountability Office (GAO) yesterday issued an important new report entitled “GAO-21-278 Defense Cybersecurity: Defense Logistics Agency Needs to Address Risk Management Deficiencies in Inventory Systems”.

According to the GAO, “…a Department of Defense task force concluded in 2018 that DOD's inventory management systems were potentially vulnerable to attack. These systems, run by the Defense Logistics Agency, are used to manage the defense supply chain. We reviewed efforts to reduce the risks in 6 inventory management systems. The agency has taken some prescribed risk management actions but could do more. For example, we found 69% of its plans to fix identified security weaknesses were not carried out on time. We made 5 recommendations to improve the cybersecurity of these systems.” They also stated that “U.S. cybersecurity has been a topic on our High Risk List since 1997.”