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New GAO Report on Other Transaction Agreements

New GAO Report on Other Transaction Agreements

New GAO Report on Other Transaction Agreements
Bill Kobren

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) has issued a new report of interest entitled “GAO-22-105357 Other Transaction Agreements: DOD Can Improve Planning for Consortia Awards”.

According to the GAO, “DOD sometimes awards funds via an "other transaction agreement." OTAs allow for more flexibility than traditional contracts do, enabling DOD to partner with contractors it hasn't worked with before. DOD can award OTAs to an individual organization (like a contractor) or to a consortium, which is a group of organizations focused on a specific technology area (like cybersecurity). DOD has been awarding OTAs through consortia more frequently. But the agency hasn't systematically tracked data on which consortia—and therefore which technology areas—receive these funding awards. Our recommendations could help DOD address this and other issues. Awarding OTAs to consortia can facilitate access to new technologies, such as microchips.”