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New GAO Report on Weapon System Requirements

New GAO Report on Weapon System Requirements

New GAO Report on Weapon System Requirements
Bill Kobren

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) today issued a new report of interest entitled “GAO-22-104432 Weapon System Requirements: Joint Staff Lacks Reliable Data on the Effectiveness of Its Revised Joint Approval Process”.

According to the GAO, ” DOD has faced challenges acquiring new weapon systems—such as aircraft, ships, and satellites—on time and on budget. In 2018, DOD revised its process for reviewing and approving "capability documents," which identify new or enhanced capabilities in weapon systems. But DOD's information system for tracking these documents doesn't have reliable data about how many programs have gone through the revised process, or how long it takes to review documents. We recommended ensuring this system collects data that could help DOD evaluate its capability document process.” Specifically, “GAO recommends that DOD (1) develop a plan for resolving the JCIDS information system operational deficiencies, and (2) establish a baseline based on reliable data and issues that affect the length of time to validate capability documents. DOD concurred with the recommendations.”