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Life Cycle Logistics

New GAO Testimony on Acquisition and Shipyards

New GAO Testimony on Acquisition and Shipyards

New GAO Testimony on Acquisition and Shipyards
Bill Kobren
The Government Accountability Office (GAO) today released testimony for two areas of interest to the DoD life cycle logistics, product support and sustainment community:
  • GAO-22-105925 Missile Defense: Acquisition Processes Are Improving, but Further Actions Are Needed to Address Standing Issues – According to the GAO, “…the Missile Defense Agency has a lot of flexibility to develop the systems that make up the U.S. Missile Defense System. But has that flexibility improved the program? We testified that MDA's acquisition processes are now more closely aligned with leading practices, and that the agency has made progress in building the Missile Defense System. However, problems persist at the start of the process—when MDA defines the goals and estimates costs. To improve missile defense acquisitions, we have made 61 recommendations since 2010, of which 23 remain open.”
  • GAO-22-105993 Naval Shipyards: Ongoing Challenges Could Jeopardize Navy's Ability to Improve Shipyards – According to the GAO, “…we testified about Navy efforts to improve its 4 public shipyards. The condition of these facilities has a direct impact on the readiness of the aircraft carrier and submarine fleets they maintain. The Navy began a 20-year, $21 billion effort to modernize them in 2018. Average facility condition has improved at 3 of the 4 since 2017. Detailed investment plans for each shipyard won't be done until FY 2025—3 years late. Estimated costs for modernizing 3 of 17 dry docks grew by $4 billion. The Navy implemented 5 of our 9 recommendations. Our future work will assess shipyard work cost and schedule estimates and more.”