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New Intellectual Property Valuation Module Deployed!

New Intellectual Property Valuation Module Deployed!

Vicki Allums, Esq.
DAU has released a new online continuous learning module (CLM 002) on Intellectual Property (IP) Valuation. This timely, first-ever DoD online learning asset on the complex topic of IP valuation is an important tool to educate the DoD acquisition workforce on IP valuation and associated factors. Understanding the basic concepts of IP valuation is critical to developing an IP Strategy in order to acquire IP deliverables with appropriate licensing rights over the product’s life cycle, at a reasonable cost to the Government.

This module was created because of requirements in DoDI 5010.44, Intellectual Property (IP) Acquisition and Licensing. This DoDI requires DoD Components to improve the quality and consistency of financial analysis and valuation practices for determining fair and reasonable prices and appropriate needs for IP and IP rights in order to develop program budgets and evaluate proposals. CLM 002 is DAU’s first online module specifically dedicated to this complex subject and will be supplemented with additional educational resources in the future.

Highlights of the module include:
  • 3 Lessons with introductory videos: Introduction to IP, Common Commercial IP Valuation Approaches and IP Valuation in the Acquisition Life Cycle
  • A summary of the key concepts and critical questions for acquisition professionals to consider
  • Useful tools, including a Quick Reference card (aka “job aid”) and links to relevant websites on IP

Completing the module will assist users in answering the following questions:

  • Why do we care about intellectual property valuation?
  • What licensing rights does the Government acquire in IP?
  • How do contractors value their IP?
  • When do IP valuations take place in the Acquisition Life Cycle?
  • Why is an IP Strategy essential to your program’s success?

To access the module, click on the following link: